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My Winter Clone Grow

So I obtained 3 new clones yesterday for my winter grow. I’m quite excited about these ladies. They are currently in my converted bedside table to veg them abit more.

From The Left:
Sherbet Queen from Royal Queen Seeds (left)
Gorilla Breath from Humbolt (middle)
Black Dog also from Humbolt (right).

I have to up plant the Sherbet Queen to a bigger pot for the veg duration and then they are going into my new PlantMatter fabric pots. The Sherbet and the Black Dog will have to stay in veg abit longer, because of their size. If I had to take them out now, they will start flowering in a weeks time. That will leave me with too small plants. With these genetics, I want nice bigger plants.

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


So I up planted the Gorilla Breath.

The roots wasn’t the best, but I inoculated them with some PlantMatter Mycorrhizal Fungi in two layers. First at the bottom at the roots and then about halfway up again with another layer of Mycorrhizal fungi.

Didn’t take a photo of the bottom layer.
I also planted the lady abit deeper. Can’t wait to get them in the fabric pots.

Here you guys can see the size difference between the 3 clones.

I also switched on the heat mat On it’s own timmer of 1 hour On and 1 hour Off from 6 am to 9 pm. Lights are running on a 18/6 light cycle.

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


That’s some good stuff I’m looking at right there @docdre :+1:… Love the setup


Update on the clones. They are doing well and revegging. Not much extra growth, but they are getting there.
Gorilla Breath

Sherbet Queen

Black Dog

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


Thanks @scotty17
It’s was originally built for 2 clones I received at some point. They didn’t make it for some reason unknown to me. But my converted bedside table is the Silver Lining, to that sad story. But now this year, the box is helping with more clones, 6 successful so far (these 3 included). Hoping to get more into clones from now on. Doing and finding the best and fastest way for ME, DocDre Style…

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute: