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Excuse me if a boast for a moment but I’m excited and want to share with the world. I have officially received all 3 licenses from the State of Oklahoma, grower, processor and dispensary


Congrats! @bwrwservices


Congrats from Australia to you @bwrwservices

I’m sure you are very excited… All that hard work has paid off…

That’s what we are starting to go through the steps in understanding all the hoops to jump. Just starting our business plan. The laws still haven’t quite caught up over here, so we can only start the process and look forward to the future.

Good Luck



That is AWESOME!

So very cool, my friend! Welcome to the legal Cannaclub!


Congratulations, that is a monumental moment. Please let me and our team know if there is anything we can help you with. For starters, we are launching an online course on how to build and run a turnkey commercial grow operation. I’ll share the sign up link with you when the course launches this Q4. We are striving for this course to help your company bring everyone on your team up to a certain shared knowledge base. Best part? 100% free!


Congratulations - that is a huge accomplishment! Lets us know if we can help with our pat pending drying/curing solution. We would be happy to share our knowledge and would love to hear more about what you are planning.


WE are so proud of you!! Yea!


Congratulations! @bwrwservices Hope all goes well for you. We are a Muskogee, Oklahoma based supplier of fertigation equipment and are partners with several different environmental control suppliers. Feel free to reach out when you need any help in these area. We are excited about Oklahoma finally coming online. Have a great weekend! - Randy @ Anderson Injectors #AdvancedNutrientDelivery



Good stuff! I applied & got the processors license. The other 2 are in process. I have numerous years in cannabis and have a rather large plan for several companies. As we now know, there are over 270 dispensary licenses and 120+ processors and over 450 growers (what’s wrong with this picture?!) currently approved. For those that don’t have all of the right pieces or enough funding to be one of the few that will actually succeed, the only way to be assured of it is to be part of a much stronger network. If you’d like to talk about how we can create strength-in-numbers, I have a solid plan with serious execs attached and a chance to create actual wealth. Call me: David Gawitt: 203-621-4797.


PS: What types of cannabis are you in the market for? We have hi-CBD industrial hemp for sale at a competitive rate. Gorgeous plants coming down begging 15th of October. Mainly Cherry Wine with tests expected in the range of 15%+. COAs & last year’s crop pics available. These are even better this year with more favorable weather. Very stable.

David Gawitt

C: 203-621-4797


Congrats! What type of processing do you plan to do? We are looking for partners.


Hello David congrats, on your licenses, what county are you in? I’d love to hear more about your business.