Nearing the end …. week 7 peeps!

Dry Nutes

4-4-4 all purpose
Bat guano
Kelp meal
Flower girl Bud & Bloom
Worm castings for microbes :microbe:
Watered with RO water from the Walmart water dispenser lol :joy:

:bulb: VL-1 440watt 1220 Umol/s 2.8 efficacy u/j

But this is my 5the run :running_man:t6:
And it seems to be taking off :dash:

Week 7 here are some new shots :camera_flash:

No 🪴 we’re harmed during these photographs :rofl:
Had to choke one out


Looks like a nice crop of happy girls. Did you say what strain(s)?

RE: Had choke one out … yeah it can get dicey in there, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Looking great @kolafwet , but just think I see signs of over fertilization. But still some dank nugs.


Looks better than anything I’ve grown to date!

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How are you liking those VL-1’s?

I just bought 2 of them a couple weeks ago. I’ll be firing them up in about a week or so. Looks like it’s working for you :wink: