Need a little help

Trying a new strain of autoflowering seeds Gorrilla Glue best advice on autoflowering " should I use a general nutrient feed instead of doing 2-2-1 to a 1-1-1 for vegging "?

What nuets do you currently have?

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I’m general hydroponics my soil is not the best I’m using miracle grow I’m a first time grower I’ve just ordered fox farm coco will be here soon

What soil are you using/not using ?

If not soil, what ?


More info is needed

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Don’t use miracle grow

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I agree :100: no miracle grow but fun fact lol the plants I just harvested were in miracle grow indoor potting mix :joy:… One of the first mistakes I learned after I joined GN… But it didn’t do so bad but I’d never suggest it to anyone

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Or anything labeled “Plant food”. Stay away

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Its because of the time released nuets and excess salts


I added some of my own nutes too… Bloom booster and and Bio-thrive bloom during flower except the last 3 weeks… Probably too much nitrogen but it worked lol… I’m a coco guy now tho LoL… I think I’ll have great success… I noticed you use mother earth coco+perlite in your soil mix… That’s what I’ll be using but add my own perlite since I have a brick I expand

Yss that and sungro mix 4 is pretty much perfect. The thing about that blend is its not very transplant friendly.

It’s about Scott’s and Monsanto… the hell with Miracle Gro…lol…and unfortunately they bought Botanicare and Gavita (Scott’s)

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They own Hawthorne who owns sun system, gavita,Bayer etc etc. They pretty much own everything related to cannabis cultivation. That’s why collection of strains is important. Plant patents are coming

Check amazon has a super soil mix for auto flower…it’s an autopilot for top quality organic!!
Just top dress and water…that’s it !!

Most shop owners aren’t happy. But they have almost zero chance of survival without them. There is no real independent companies. They will probably buy AV soon. I’m sure they made a offer already

I haven’t grown many autos (only 3 from seeds people gave me)
But heard a couple tips
Pretty sure you wana start them in their final pot (around 3-5gal)
18-24H light , And they are “Light feeders” so don’t go heavy on nutrients.
There is many different quality of nutrients, but very hard to know which ones are the best (Cleanest sourced with least amount of impurities)

Autos hate stress sometimes they don’t recover. Seriously treat autos very gentle. And be careful with nuets. Autos are finicky and any stress will affect yield

I’ve transplanted my auto’s twice, topped them, major defol, supercropped, love the sound it makes, I treat em just like photo’s, the thing with auto’s is timing, I use 2 tsbs of tiger bloom which is in fox farm ocean forest and I will probably up that up, plus 1 tsb of calmag. They don’t complain, if they do you just back off a bit.

OTOH some strains don’t like any food or very light feedings, you won’t know till you try, you learn by mistakes, yes, mistakes can cause a lower yield. learn from it, do better next time.

My new run I am not going to top, just lst going to compare, I have seen many comparisons from others, topping is usually the winner (yield) and I want to see for myself. No pain no gain.

This is just how I do it, not meant for others or advise.