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Need advice re: Harvesting first plant, and a few questions (pics)

Hi Guys, this is my first grow, if you can call it a grow. I am seriously noob.

I was wondering if I could get your opinion on how close to harvest I am, and if you have any suggestions.

Number of Days since clone planted : 46

Grower Type: Hobby

Strain: Unknown, Photoperiod
Light: Natural Light 12/12 since planting 46 days ago

Soil: regular cannabis soil mix no hydro
Temperature: 60-85
What I have a lot of: Space, Soil
What I cannot add: Lights

Any judgement on when to harvest is welcome. I feel like I’m very close. but I’ve never done this before.

Plant Pictures Today:

Trichome Pictures Yesterday (I don’t have the steadiest hand this was the best I can get):

Other Questions

  1. I have heard someone say keep the plant in the dark 2 days before harvesting? Would you do that?
  2. If you are using the plant for extract/edible is there any advantage to curing after drying? Or is that just for smoke/vape flavor?
  3. When I harvest this, should I just cut it and hang the entire plant upside down for a week? I have room and there is only one cola.

Without a super clear picture of the tricomes it’s so hard to tell. Based on the 1st few pictures where I’m pretty positive I’m seeing a bunch of white pistols, I’d say you aren’t ready yet.

The tricomes are your tell. Aside from that, the plants look great!


Welcome @greenbert to the Growers Network. We love to watch you grow.

Typically indicas are 65 days flower. Sativas are longer. Take 10 days off for clones.

I’ve heard of flash freezing for editable products.

The dark, im not sure on.

I hang entire plants. Remove large leaves for better trimming and removal of chlorophyll. (Green taste)


I have never heard this! Damn, I wish I’d heard that a long time ago :upside_down_face: note taken for next harvest


check out “” there they have pictures + information on your question + much. much more This site is exceppant for the beginner, novice, ect cultivator


Learning everyday.

Hey @greenbert , welcome to GN. Cant really see from the pictures, but still seems sometime to go with flowering.

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I don’t remove all the leaves till it’s more crunchy.

But the big fans I remove when I hang.

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I do it for one reason, not sure if it makes a difference in taste, at least I never noticed. The reason I do it is it is so much eaiser to final clean the buds without all thee shade leaves stuck to the buds which makes it a royal pain in the behind. long time ago I used to just dry them with all the leaves left on them, then tried it with a two trim method , all the big shade leaves when hanging them, then final trim when they are ready go go into cure jars.