Need help identifying this issue

Hey guys I need help , I am a few days away from cutting . And saw this new development of the flower drying at the edges I cant identify the issue, I am in the Caribbean current humidity is 90% temperature 26 degrees c .
Based on inspection no apparent molds
Plant has been flushed last 7days with no additional watering since.

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Ah damn with humidity like that your buds will be prone to bud rott. There are a few ways to help slow it down and also some strains that are more tolerant in humid climates. Let me come back to you.

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Thanks a mill for the feedback , the strain is white widow autoflower, been pretty tolerant until the rainy season lol

It has started to mold. We have some Relief CBG Autos do the same thing. Dense buds and humidity are not a good pairing. The mold spores are always there, it just needs the right conditions to become an issue. You may not see the white fuzzy stuff today, but it will come soon. I hate going to the garden and seeing that brown color mucking up some beautiful buds. Follow us at extraktLAB to see more of our progress.


Thank you , what the best mitigation plan ?

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This happened to my 1st grow too. If i were you i’d invest in a dehumidifier… and a back up that will fit INSIDE of the tent.

Right now, the best thing you can do is either A cut out the rot or B call it a day and harvest. I had to harvest 2 weeks early. :frowning:

Here is my journal, you can take a look if you’d like.

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Open the buds up wide throughout the whole plant searching diligently.

Everywhere you notice necrosis taking place you need to remove it

If you do this, please don’t smoke the flower you harvest. Do a preliminary wash like George Cervantes does on WPM. This won’t kill all the bud rot but it will help wash away some of the spores.

From there, if you are gonna keep any part of the plant with rot then you need to either do an alcohol (190proof or higher) extraction or a butane extraction from the affected part of the plant.

You can then use the clean extracted product for different uses but just loading that affected flower into the pipe and smoking it will not be good for you.

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Thanks guys , I chopped it and intend in extracting via alcohol. Thanks a mill for the insights and advise