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Need help with Chinese greenhouse Blueprint Approval

I bought a light dep greenhouse from China and I need the blueprint to be approved in California. My engineer said that he does not have enough information from the blueprints being sent to me and from China are keep saying that this is all they have and they had client before, who had these approved here in US and it California as well. Do you guys have an engineer who can do this or do you know a way for these to be approved? Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks


hi @dealsza

Not to sure what the requirements are and certainly much harder importing parts to the USA from China today. Hope someone can answer your question.

That’s always been our biggest concern but I do have some engineer plans that may help you email me [email protected]

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are u able to show schematics for the lighting?

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Hey There. We provide general contracting and OAR services. We can assist you with this. Please reach out if you still need assistance.