Need Help with LED Grow lights

Hi all. I’m new to growing indoors, I’ve been growing outdoors for 20+ years and have finally decided to grow indoors.
Any help would be much appreciated
Regards Kiwi



Hello @kiwisdofly ! Welcome to the Growers Network. I went thru your posts and read up on you a bit. It’s cool your in Spain. I’ve heard some cool things about the cannabis clubs there. I’m sure Prey will be able to help you on your lights and deff tag others that will help on the subject.

Got any pics of your previous outside grows?


Hi @kiwisdofly

Welcome to GN and glad to have you hear. Well seems you have alot of experience outdoors and going indoors can seem daunting at first. A great starter course is offered by GN University to go through all the basics, and there are 3 more advanced courses if you would like to go deeper into cannabis cultivation.

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What help do you need? Were here. Did you decide on the mars light or the spider farmer?

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Hi @chrisj thanks for the advice and the links, I’m definitely going to sign up and see how it’s done indoors.
Regards Kiwi

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Hi @Slym3r the clubs are nice and laid back no pressure to join, I’m thinking I might start my own club that way I can legally grow more plants as the more more members I have the more plants I’m allowed to grow.
As the members can pay a monthly or yearly subscription and depends on how much they pay depends on how much they get alloted out of each grow.
I think the max is six oz a month.
Anyway that’s a progressing story.
Regards Kiwi

Hi @PreyBird1. I’m sending you a link, can you tell me what you think of this light please.

That’s a good light should work great for a 5x5 area.

Hi @PreyBird1 . It’s a 5x5 do you think it’s too smal for the extra foot?

I saw that after the fact. Sorry

@PreyBird1 No sorry needed. Just wanted to make sure as some say the extra foot can make a difference when flowering.
I was surprised as the price is extremely reasonable.

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The more light you have the better.