Need some advice

2 bottles of 3% ain’t nuffin besides it’s just an Xtra oxygen atom anywho. It does nothing bad at all. Washes off baking soda remina ts and lemon juice off. Works great and cleans buds awesome.


If it’s for thrips it’s like every other day for so long then a couple days between and so on til they r gone or u don’t need to use any longer from my memory I’ve never suffered from big issues


I appreciate :pray: all the help. Thank you all.


Well I hope u get it strait bugs suck ass. I had pillars on my wife’s roses I think I finally got them gone after 3 weeks of cutting and spraying lol


Go to the power bloom a couple of weeks before they start to flower. I also make up a tea with power bloom and billions in a 5 gal bucket and water with that to boost the P and K a couple weeks prior. If they are outside, you just have to watch and start as they turn the corner to begin flowering. They look good.


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