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Need some help idk what going on

Hey idk what’s going on I got some ph down and borrow my friends ph tester I think the ph test was broken and I lowered the ph to much but idk here some pictures if u could tell me what going on and how to fix it would really appreciate it

Need more info on the grow before making an accurate diagnosis.


What do u need to know I can tell u anything

What you are feeding, how much and how often, temps, medium and so on. The more info provided the easier to diagnose the problem.

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I haven’t had the money to get any fertilizer they were looking good yesterday then I played with the ph and now this that’s why I think it was ph but I also bring in a watering thing that I use outside in side but give it a hot water clean and then cold water to get everything out idk if something maybe is stuck in there that infected the water and I still need to get the money to by a temp reader

How much and how often are you watering? You may be drowning them if you don’t give them a dry period as well. In soil, the dry period is just important as the wet period.

Probably about every 24 hours when ever the soil looks dry I should probably let it dry out abit longer and I mist them about every 3 to 4 hours when I’m awake if u want to look at my other posts u can see how they where looking before

What size pot are they in?

5 gallon smart pots

Ok so then there’s a good chance the plant is slowly drowning and also not feeding or drinking because of too much watering. Water every like 3rd day. You want the soil to be damn near bone dry before watering again. Lift the pot too after that 3rd day and try to remember how light that weight feels to give you an idea next time. Let her dry out a bit and go from there. You will need to start getting some kind of nutrients in her though soon. That soil only has so much to start off with.

Ok will do thank u and ya ik just been hard. Been top dressing it with the soil lol to give it something

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You can buy the Fox Farms trio on Ebay or Amazon for like $25 shipped. Cheap option to get you through a couple grows depending on plant count. Good luck.

thank u I’ll give it a look it’s $80 for the kit at my loco hydroponic store

I did put the water on the leafs also do u think that nitric acid could have done it and I did put a lot of ph down in the water cause the test was going down but then after I put so much in I was like I think the ph tester is broken not going to do anymore so just gave them it

@chrisj @preybird1 @scotty17 what do u think is happening ?

Dont know a thing about that, sorry.

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If you spraying nutrients on leaves no good at all… never ever spray leaves with any type of nutrients or acidic mixture

It was only water and ph down

Acidic bro… ph down is highly acidic… little goes along way way and not properly used

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Rkagcanna nutrient line you don’t tester or ph up or down. Those plant look hungry . Wet then hot. Contact me directly if you haven’t found a solution.

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