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Need some help idk what going on

Do u think I can save them like is this going to affect them bad cause I think Ik what the out come looks like had 12 plants going at my buddy’s who give me the tester and ph down and I we saw pretty close to the same problem

@gage alot of nutrients are PH balanced just so you know just what you prefer all organic or other… they will survive just don’t spray with anything but pure water… keep trying your nutes


Ok thank you :pray:t3:

It looks like a little bit of nutrients burn,or to much light intensity. Make sure that when you use your spray bottle try and keep your PH~5.6 and your EC,TDS ,keep the levels as low as possible. I’m not an expert. Just some information about the topic.

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It looks like you have broad mites or russet mites

Thanks bro but if u go up people said not to ph the water your using to spray your plants with cause of the acid in the ph down will hurt the leafs

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