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Need suggestions for Wholesale Bulk Flower Marketplace Launch

Hello GN,

We are launching a wholesale bulk flower marketplace in Adelanto CA. I need ideas on how to expand our connection with wholesale bulk flower buyers.

We have post cards going into the participant bags of two local conventions. We plan on doing a series of eblasts to the cannabis dispensary/delivery communities. As we know that many people wear multiple hats. Ex: a delivery may also be a cultivator & manufacturer; someone may have a friend that also does such & such.

I hope this doesn’t offend GN , but are there other forums that accept postings for bulk sales? I know bud tender is one.
I appreciate all support and suggestions. Our aim is to do as much good as we possibly can in this industry.
feel free to email private messages to me: [email protected]


No offense taken :slight_smile: - we’re still working on figuring out the legal aspects of this at the moment. There’s a Facebook group for Colorado that allows posts about buying and selling so maybe there’s a similar one for areas of California?


Have you tried reaching out to one of the tech companies in California that offer ‘middle man’ style services to help you out. Leaf Link is an awesome start-up company that connects whole-salers with dispensaries (

We sponsor a podcast (the rootd podcast) and they just interviewed the CEO and it’s pretty interesting. I know they’re out in CA adding growers and dispensaries all the time.

Link to podcast episode (

Tell them that The Rootd Podcast sent you!

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What’s that Facebook group name for colorado? I’m not seeing it. Thanks!

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@cmtlabs is one of the admins for it.


I can tell you that if FB knew that, they’d shut them down. Notice is says it’s a support group.

“Ask me about Cannabisbuyer Wholesale Bulk Flower Marketplace

Opening September 2017”

Namaste, wishing you a bright day!





That’s possible - since it’s a closed group they’ve so far flown under the radar. All of the transactions are within the state of Colorado, so that could also earn them a pass, potentially.


@cannabisbuyer The current solutions to buy/sell cannabis products on Facebook are not scalable, since they will inevitably be shut down. Growers Network is working with our legal team to build a solution that works for our members. Coming soon…