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Need to apologize! To EVERYONE! Want to come back 🙏

Well after a few days and talking to a lot of people. And soul searching. They have convinced me i need to come back here to my family. I should have not gotten so upset with this forum because one loser. And @chrisD i should not have lashed out at you. I appologize to you the most…and im sorry i caused more drama here. I just felt there was no help. I asked for it and didn’t get the help i felt i needed. And well deserved! I felt like i was wronged. And was not going to be taken advantage of. But i also didnt take into account that chris you may be super busy and didnt have the time.or saw the problems in time to do anything about it. I have been on ilgm and found a lot of friends there. I even found a friend who was looking for me for 20yrs there. But fact is i should not have let all this get to me so badly. I also want to thank all you of you people on this forum and the wonderful family here for trying to keep me here and not to leave and kept me sane. Well if you all could find it in your hearts to forgive my stupid childish outburst. I would like to come back here and hang with my friends and family here. it was a wonderful place and im sorry to have pissed on it. I would however like to piss on some people here! But we wont name names.
Anyways hope you all can forgive me! If not i will be around the intranets


Welcome back @preybird1! Plenty of good people here, you’ll enjoy it :crazy_face: :joy::rofl:


Hey buddy, when things go bad and you need to vent (it’s human) pm me and vent at me, yell, scream, call me names, call yourself names, whatever just to get the shit off your chest, I will still luv ya all the same.



I have not been feeling good about it. And ive been missing all the people here. And i felt terrible for going off on chrisd. I needed some time to realize i was an idiot. And i should have handled it better. But i failed and acted a fool. All i can say is sorry and ill do better i promise!


You are human, end of discussion, you just showed me and hopefully others that you truly give a shit. To me, that’s all that matters my friend


Welcome back buddy! Forgive and forget.


All good… you were missed…


@preybird1 always here for ya bro, think most of us are. Shit :poop: happens, it’s life and we’re all human.

Cheers and welcome back



Welcome Back @preybird1 :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Glad your back @preybird1! This is a great family and you were missed!


Lol at least you throw a fit online. I have thrown ppl out of my house for no other reason than I was pissed at the world! Sometimes life make us unreasonable! Then we calm. Glad u r back.


Basic phycology… We get pissed and either back down or go into “fighter pilot” mode where we don’t back down… It’s all about not letting people get the best of us and surrounding ourselves with those that cause a positive influence on ourselves… Beating the anger and emotion and thinking clearly at all times


So glad to have u back at home @preybird1 :wink: & @scotty17 ur awesome tks for helping get him back here buddy :yum:


Welcome back! @preybird1!
You were missed! Don’t be so hard on yourself . You are well liked here it seems. You also provide a great deal of information for us all to learn from. You are one of the Good guys! I have missed reading your articles.
No apologies necessary here, we are all human and sometimes just need a minute!


Welcome back!:v:


I for one am glad you’re back. Let’s put the rest of it to bed. New day, new start.


Your awesome @preybird1 I enjoy. Talking to you a lot. But I also get very mad when I hear something I don’t like. The point is to be the better man/girl and if you don’t like something from what I learned it’s best Just not to say anything. Sometime I will just pretend to agree with someone. Just so I don’t Start a fight.


That is the way to do it… I learned awhile ago to just shut up and go with the flow again by absolutely losing it…lol… very few people on here matter enough to have it ruin my day… and those I that do matter don’t get me to that point…lol…


See i love this place. Everyone is so awesome. I was sad for a few days because i was missing my people here. And i will always try and help if i can thanks again folks as always a worth while place to be!


Welcome back friend!