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Needed: Business plan & Feasibility study with investors pitch

Greetings. I need a “Business plan” - complete - for the new proposed site, along with financial projections. Important is an “investors’ pitch” and all supporting materials. If you have specific suggestions please email me: [email protected]
Thank you and have a great new week!



Happy to listen to your ideas. But you need to do the work!

From the voices in my head

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I hear you. However…
If someone out there could talk to the “voices in my head”, it would save me from ‘reinventing the wheel’ kind of…Thank you for your patience with novices and Neophytes - pun intended :slight_smile:

PS I am looking for that funky pair of sox!


I am working on this right now. 1 acre greenhouse grow. What exactly are you looking for?


Thank you. Looking at an initial space of 22k SF but best of a more solid structure instead of a greenhouse. Please send me all available info. Thank you: [email protected]


43.5 square feet of new houses. I want to be your greenhouse vendor. Who are you looking at for structures. I love nexus followed by stuppy. But there are a lot of vendors. My head house is always to narrow the older I get. I am leaning torwards 20 foot wide head house. The grow houses are 30 feet wide and 12 foot side walls.

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