New 2 x 4 tent light

I have a 2 x 4 foot grow tent and I know many others have one this size. I’m currently using a spider farmer sf2000. Max power 200w

What’s the best light for this size? I’m looking for something with a little more juice. This light works ok. Great for veg stage but underpowered for flowering.

8 square feet of space should be getting about 400 watts to flower with good results. 50 watts per square foot.

I’ve been looking at this viparspectra light for a minute now. Anyone have this or similar?

Pumps it all the way up to 480 watts. Is this gonna be too much? Light burn? @PreyBird1 talk to me what do you think. It says it needs 24 inches to the canopy which is unrealistic in my tent. Too buds reach to within a foot of the current light. Maybe even closer, the purple punch was practically in the light. It was ok before but the light wasn’t as strong.


That light should work fine biggest thing to make sure is you have a dimmable light. I always go with way to much light and then i dim them. So i intentionally have wayyyy to much light.


I agree with prey.

To prove to myself that I could grow a really low plant that produces volume I did a really low Scroge last year. The net was 8 inches above the pot. I did two plants side-by-side and they covered almost 8 ft.². Patient brings rewards. It takes a little longer vegtime but you will get very good weight and very nice flower. And everything Will stay very low.

And if you’re growing autos, just start tying them sideways very early. They will stay low to with LST.


Try this out for low.