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New Cannabis Testing Announcement


Cannabis Testing Announcement

KB Labs in Scottsdale, AZ is now using qPCR technology to test microbiology on flowers, concentrate and edibles. qPCR technology, is an established safety testing method in the food industry and medicine. It is a requirement in CA testing regulations. Microbiology testing includes yeast and molds, 4 strains of Aspergillus , Salmonella, E. Coli and Mycotoxins. We can also do environmental pathogens testing at your grow facility. Find out if any contamination is present at your grow house.

KB Labs in AZ is also testing now for Water Activity that is also a regulation test in CA. Water activity in your flower and edibles will determine if your products will developed fungal contamination in its packaging, it will give you a good indication when your products is ready for it’s sealed package.

The other test I would like to introduce is KB Labs “ Shelflife testing” this test will determine, with your input, the shelf life of your edible products were the date will be put on your packaging. This is an extended term testing that will Determine when your product will become spoiled.

KB Labs is a Science-based lab serving the Arizona cannabis community and soon will be operating in San Diego California.


These guys know what they’re doing!

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