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New CBD Website

We have recently launched our first CBD website that has some of our more popular products on it.

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the website, we are still in the beginning part of our online journey so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Aso, what are some of your opinions of some of the better selling CBD Products on the market?

Thank you, Everyone,

Kristine Gonzales


Looked at your web page. The 250 mg salve looks like something I could use. SO was that 250 mg total in the jar or 250 per one use?? The script says use generously.


Looking good!

  1. The “see more” button on the home page does not work for me, but scrolling down is fine.
  2. This could just be me, but I think there should be a picture of a person somewhere on the homepage to make it clear no everything is a dog product. I know it says “CBD for Humans” but at first glance it appears to be pet focused.

Nice design, appeasing to the eye. The shop layout is nice. Overall looks like a decent place to get your CBD!



The salve has a total of 250mg in the jar and is to be used as much as needed. If you are interested in trying it I would be happy to get you a coupon to try it.


Thank you for your response! I am unsure what to put in the shop more button and I forget to update it. I see what you mean by the pets and needing a human face, thank you for all the input.