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New day, new grower, new TENT!

Hello All!
My name is Hunter, I’m a new grower in Tempe. I say new, but I actually just finished my first grow about 2 months ago. It was a 2x4 tent riddled with problems from little platntlings to harvest (I was gifted some clones!!)

I’ve decided to do a new grow and up my game this time! So I’ve upgraded from my itty bitty Vivosun tent to a fully extended (as far as my ceilings will go) 2x4 Gorilla.

By the end of the weekend there will be two 2x4 tents growing some amazing plants!
Pics will be coming soon, I have a decent amount of space to clear up and move around the office.
Shoutout to GrowersHouse in PHX for the help with the new setup!


Hi @greentomatoes

Welcome to GN and great to have you here. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your 2nd grow, bigger and better. Happy growing.


Welcpme to the forum @greentomatoes