New Guy not knowing what the hell he is doing!6

Hello my name is Anthony and I’m from the U.S. and live in the sorry state there is Alabama. Well there sorry st everything but football. Roll tide!!trust me I don’t want this to be long but to get results I guess I have too. Like I said i am very new to all this. The forum the growing . I can’t read all this stuff some people are talking about nothing. Anyways now u know I’m a new grower from the south u.s. and my name’s Anthony. I bought some seeds from I love growing marijuana. I got 1 to sprout well 2 but 1 is a dwarf or something . it’s so tiny. But 1 is beautiful. It’s a auto white widow. I have it in a small coco pot with ocean forest soil . I have p.h. all water which has been rain water. It’s about 2 wks old now. I’m giving it 16 hrs of light with a bulb that’s out if this world. A l.e.d. bulb. I also going by the schedule thst came with the muted thst I bought. Generel organics. I’m getting ready to transplant her now into a 5 gal smart pot. Those things are awesome . I have a little experience I been growing past 3 months . I found some old bag seeds I had of some bubble gum kush. I had 5 going. Short story ended with 1. Turned out to be a make. Looks awesome but seedy as fuck. So I do know a little ofwhat I’m doing. I have a small tent which today I’m ordering a new 2×4 ft. 6ft tall with a Mars hydro reflector 96. I have 3 or 4 other lights as of now also. All little 600 watts l.e.d. Amazon lights. Good but not the real deals u know. This ocean forest or whatever sucks to me. I used fix farm on the bubble gum I had. I liked it seems good anyway. So I went bought more of it so that’s what I’m about to put in. This 5 gallon pot I have for my 2 wks old white widow auto seed from I love growing marijuana!! Any advice or something u hear me say I’m not doing correctly please someone tell me. I want to grow some good bud. I have 20 girl scout cookie seeds on way and 10 more white widow. All auto seeds. Be here in a week or so . I want to learn this stuff it’s so interesting and fun to learn and man do I enjoy doing it. Everything about it. Someone please help my so old foolish self I am. Also R.h. about 40 to 55 % with it being anywhere from 70 at night up to 84F. I do have a co2 bag in tent also. 2 small USB fans.

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Welcome first off

So trial and error is a costly way to learn. If I can offer a piece of advice
Grab this book. It’s super valuable to any grower of any level Ball RedBook. There is also LITTERLY every bit of info online. Even that book.
However you live in a specific environment. You will need to consider certain factors. Mold being one major one in the summer.

Well hi there my name is josh and I have run in to the same exact problem a few times in the past. Anyways I think what you have there is a broken tap root problem. it usually can be fixed but it could take a couple of months or more to fix if your growin in coco I suggest revive from advanced nutrients.I saw results in a little more than a week or two just go by what the bottle says per liter ( a little bottle size of the cheap sodas you find in the fridges at the store ) or if your growing in soil I suggest house and gardens root zone products.