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New Log In Procedure

Hello! As you may have noticed, we’ve given the Growers Network website a facelift, and part of that is a new single login for access to both the forum and the GN site. If you’re having trouble with the new login, here’s a little help.

When you click to log in, this is what you’ll see:


To log into the new site and forum, enter the email associated with your account in the top field...


and your password in the bottom field - don’t forget that passwords are case sensitive!


Click “Log In” at the bottom of the form and you should now have access to the forum and the GN website!


If you are unable to log in:

1. Make sure you have previously signed up for the forum. If you haven’t, you can request to join here.

2. Make sure that you’re using the email address associated with your account. Double check the spelling.

3. Passwords are case sensitive, make sure you are entering the password with the appropriate uppercase and lowercase characters.

If you are still unable to log in, you may need to reset your password. To reset a password, click on the “Don’t remember your password?” text below the password field.


You will be taken to a new form. Enter the email you used to sign up for Growers Network and click “send email”


Check your email and you will find a link directing you to the page where you can update your password.

After submitting your password change, you will be able to log into the Growers Network site and forum with the new password.

Still having trouble? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll assist you!