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New member saying hi!

Hey all,

Newbie member here. I’ve got 3 seasons of outdoor growing under my belt where I literally just threw some seeds in the garden, not doing much research or learning. I’m in BC and have limited sunlight in my yard.

Last year I took the plunge to indoor and set myself up with a budget grow. I had 6 WW autos from crop king and got about ½lbs. Grew them under 2 budget 600w blurples (not sure actual wattage) in ocean forest using GH.

I’m in my second run in the tent and am pretty happy with the coverage so far, if not the overall bulk. My tent is only 6’ tall so if max the lights I’ve only got another 24" or so of vertical before I have to start worrying.

In this run I’ve got 3 blue cookies and 4 white banners from crop king growing. The cookies started off really weak but got stronger very quickly, the banners started really strong but all but 1 stunted when topped. I’m still in ocean forest, but have switched to dry amendments and teas and have now added 2 “1000w” budget blurples as I dropped the lights, to help even the spread.

I’ve pondered scrogging and pushing more height in veg, but looking at my vertical limitations, I think I’m glad I didn’t. Scrogging with dry amendments seems like asking for a challenge in a 4x4 that only has front access and I think I’ve got the tent covered pretty well, so I’m glad I didn’t go that direction - very open to thoughts and comments on this.

The girls are now showing sex and I’m slowly moving to flower. I’m reducing the 18/6 by 20 minutes a day. I figured the tallest girl has slowed her veg growth so a gradual flip should help the shorter girls bush out and push up to even out a bit(so far so good).

This is my very first run of photos and it’s been fun so far. I’m certainly cramming the tent, but as the girls move to flower I’ll be able to take the little kicker humidifier out and the clones will be ready to move in a few days, so that will open up about 3sqft for spreading.

Today’s tasks are to pull the girls out and sanitize the tent in prep for flower and to stake the bigger branches as I go.

So far I’m pretty happy with my progress, I’m learning more with every grow and am pushing the comfort zone every time. I think next run will be in Coco and I’ll probably upgrade the lights (eyeing the es300’s right now) and get a taller tent.

I’ll also be seeding another batch of blue cookies for outdoor in a couple weeks. Pretty much just doing this because I have the seeds already. Really not interested in crop king moving forward. Their customer service and support are great, but the genetics just seem sub par. I think I’ll be doing an order at BC bud depot to keep it local.

All comments, thoughts, tips and pointers welcome!

I’m really glad I joined, the community here seems really great. It’s awesome to see so many folks sharing and helping each other out.

Keep well and blaze on.


Looking good!!!


Looks like you are going to be really busy pretty soon!!!


Nice and welcome


awesome set up! Welcome to the forum!


You’re going to need a bigger boat pretty soon


Hello! Welcome!:+1:


Welcome to the network looks good.


Post clean-out shot. Didn’t stake, but did spread and shuffle for more even canopy. I’ll stake next week when I feed. Flip will happen end of that week.

Thanks for the warm welcome!