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New scientific studies on cannabis

Good morning Growers Network!

Just wanted to give y’all the heads up on two new papers I saw published about cannabis over the weekend.

This particular study examined the relationship between cannabis and nicotine usage. In particular, there seems to be some kind of odd synergy for nicotine and cannabis in the brain:

  • The control group showed higher connectivity in their neural networks.
  • A group that used both nicotine and cannabis showed higher connectivity in their neural networks.
  • The two groups of isolated cannabis users and isolate nicotine users showed lower connectivity in their neural networks.

The sample sizes weren’t large (around 3 or 4 dozen people per group), and this isn’t a clinical study, but it is an odd correlation that would definitely warrant more investigation.

Pretty much as the title says – CBD helped rats with depression.

How they figured out the rats had depression? I guess they had a rat psychologist?

Either way, it was a rat line that was specifically bred to be prone to depression after stressful events, and subjected them to the “forced swim test” where essentially the rats are stuck in an inescapable pool of water that they can’t feel the bottom of. Eventually rats tire out and float, just keeping their heads above water. Rats that suffer depression are much faster to give up the swimming process, but the rats that were given CBD continued the struggle much longer for even a week after a single dose.


Wow this is great stuff. Thanks for the summary!