New setup advice

Hello, I’m setting up a 3x3 botanicare tray on the stand in a 4x4 tent using rockwool and gh nutes.
Floraflex floracaps with open 1/4" line to each cube. Recirculating system.

Any suggestions on placing the 20 gal res inside vs outside the tent? The res is a 20 gal white Brute tote. It could fit under the plants, but temperature will be 73-76 during the day.

I’m planning on using a tiny water pump to run circulation 24/7, would an airstone provide any protection against algae for the problems it may cause to PH?


I think you will have a much easier time keeping the res temps around 68f outside the tent, I’m not sure if the res will let in light or not. I used white 5 gal buckets for pots before and the white plastic let in enough light to grow a layer or algae around the inside of the container. I have my reses in my tent and it’s a pain in the but, if I had room outside my tent I would definitely prefer it not to be inside.

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Did you opt for an air stone in the res?

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Yes I highly recommend having airstones in the res, I have 2 in each 15 gal res hooked up to a marina 200 air pump for each res. The extra oxygen in the water created by the pump+stones helps speed up growth and limit the growth of bad bacteria ect like root rot