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New study concludes some cannabis flavinoids are pain-relieving

We have known for some time that cannabis contains pain-relieving properties, but new research is able to explain the why and how. Canadian researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario have discovered the flavinoids Cannaflavin A and Cannaflavin B are 30 times more powerful imflammation relievers than Aspirin. Interestingly, these flavidoids were first isolated in 1985, but Canadian cannabis laws restricted additional research.

The team conducting the research already has plans to capitalize on the discovery: they have partnered with Toronto-based Anahit International Corp., which plans to release a line of sports and medical products based on these flavinoids.

Here’s a link to the study:

Here’s a link to an article about the study and Anahit International’s plan to commercialize the research:

What does this research mean for our industry? What new products can be developed as a result of these discoveries?


Advocates of whole-plant medicinal approaches have known this for some time. This is nothing new for us!

Many of the flavinoids, and terpenes have anti-inflammatory properties, which in many cases can have an associated pain relieving effect because a lot of pain is caused by inflammation.


Truth! Preach it! The value of whole plant extracts cannot be overstated! The amazing powers of cannabis can be harnessed. It’s very exciting to learn the function of individual cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids as research discovers those functions.


This message was sent to me privately from a member on the Public side of the GN forum:

"I have a disease called miniers (extreme vertigo and tenitus) the pharmaceuticals don’t work at all so I had to find alternative treatments. Flavonoids and probiotics are the only thing that helps with flare ups . flavonoids decrease pressure and increases blood flow in the inner ear and the lipozene increases permeability of the blood vessels in the ear.allowing the ear to heal. "

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