New technology for reduction of water needs

We are investigating technology from Europe, that can reduce water requirements for cannabis. In states like Ca. My understanding is there are state water limits per plant. Is this true?
If so, what would be the level of interest from the cultivators if there might be a potential to reduce by 40% water needs via better retention?

I can only comment for myself, but I need to be able to manipulate the root zone water content throughout the day. Keeping the roots in an ideal range is done with many small irrigation cycles. Dry back throughout 24h is necessary for total control.

Thanks for this information.

I will add to this as we get more information regarding the technology and how it relates to state regulations

Thanks again

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I saw a news clip on Spanish TV and in Mexico there is a product that when fixed with soil reduces the water demand by about 70%.

There are regulations to water rights in commercial settings here in California… There are limits to watering on farm and commercial lands… I know growers who collect rain water and purify… The technology your investigating is great!

I have Machinery that I am trying to get on the market right now and I’m at the last stages of testing looking for big hydroponic company to try my machinery it will use fog feeding to save water it’s a rotating system saves lighting I have a home version and a factory version you can see the machines on Facebook growtisserie friends

Thank you for this info…