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Hows it, I’ve just recently setup an autopot 4 piece set and have a few questions. I transplanted 4 plants that had been in veg in coco perlite mix for about 6 weeks into the autopots under a new light and they took a huge shock to say the least. About 2weeks later 3 of the plants look almost normal again but one is still very papery feeling on the leaves. The 3 that look the best have been coming up with leaves growing brown spots all over them as pictured here,

I’m running full product line of flairform through this system with current EC at 1300 and pH at 6.6.
My lighting that they are under now is a spider farmer sf4000 and they are in a 4x4ft tent with the light currently sitting about 3ft above the canopy because I thought maybe the leaves were burning. RH is between 50 and 65 percent and temp is between 21c and 28c. I’m unsure what strain these are due to the legality in nz and they were from a friend who got them from a friend from a friend from a friend etc. Can anybody tell me what could be the cause of the browning leaves? Thanks


If you drop your ec / ppms down to 700 and ph to 5.8 I think you’ll see a very noticeable improvement.
At 1300 you’re at almost double what the plant requires.
And pro mix should be treated the same as hydro as far as ph goes. 5.8-6.2.

Once you get your numbers in line they should come back around.


Agree 100%.

The only thing I might add is if you can turn down that bad ass light that you have then do it. It doesn’t need to be at 100% levels in veg or at the lower ppm levels, wait till flower then turn everything up.

Nutrient lockout and deficiencies begin to happen when you over feed.

Look at the excess side of the pic and notice the deficiencies that begin to appear


Beautiful thank you both. First time I’ve recieved direct information on here instead of smoke signals. It’s hard being from a country where it’s illegal and impossible to get local accurate info. Everything online typically contradicts itself and or says you need to add products that arent sold in New Zealand nor able to be shipped here either. I’m dropping my numbers now. Will update in 1-2weeks.


24hrs and the plant that was drooping like mad has lifted up beautifully. Good work lads. Now to see what else changes in the next week. I’m waiting for it to come right to send them into flower


Glad to hear they started to come around.


Are you running an enzymatic nutrient in your lineup? Also, when you installed the aqua valves, did you “pop” them onto the T in the trays? I did not and just thought they had to be firmly against it. Got lucky for 10 weeks straight and then wham, 3 floods in one week. It’s a neat system. A couple things I don’t like about it. If you haven’t already, go buy 4 shut off valves for each plant. That way if one starts having problems you can shut it off and top feed it while the rest are still running off the res. I’m running the autopot XL setup and in my first grow. For the most part it’s treating me very well.


11 days gone by, all brown spots have stopped on new growth, removed old leaves and 4x4 canopy is full of maybe 200 tops with a few small spaces! Flower time now.15924282743993072937918009832236|666x500 cheers lads


Just quickly do you mean ec or ppm to 700? And which level ppm or ec would you recommend for flower

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Ppm to 700. Sorry.

I just ran my last ones at about 920-950 ppm at the highest and they were some of my healthiest plants so far.
Some strains can take a bit more but 1000 ppm is usually my upper end.

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Haha yea sweet I had figured that but then it just hit me that I should double check

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