New to Grow, Anxious to Know

After viewing this website for a few months, I’ve decided to test the waters of growing in the home. I would like a suggested list of equipment too build a grow room in my basement, utilizing a 6’ X 6’ area in a cistern basin at the end of an old farmhouse.
I have a dehumidifier in the basement that keeps the whole area at approximately 42% humidity and can build an enclosure for the grow.
A friend of a friend from CO has sent to me some seeds, although he did not know if female or male. He has labeled them, and most seem to be hybrids.
Beyond that, I remain senseless to the procedure.
In respect to using cannabis over the past 40 years, all was purchased in Wisconsin, except the past visit to CO, where I purchased a few ounces.


Welcome to the forum… sorry indoor is not my strong point so I will stick with just a welcome…

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Welcome slimo! I’m still also very new to growing and am also currently working on my getting my room finished up. My room is 5x9’ but I’ll be using a 3’x3’ tent for the actual grow, so my equipment will be a little bit different than yours.

I would recommend going to Growers House and using their custom tent configurator. It will give you a few options of how you want to grow; room size, light type, medium preference, etc. Once you answer those few questions, it will give you choices from their tent kit options which offer most everything you would need at a basic level. From there you could either make things super easy and grab a kit (basic and limited) or you could use their kit as a framework to gather your own parts, perhaps of higher quality or bigger brand, etc.

I personally chose the 3’x3’ tent kit with the 275w CLW mostly because I’m not quite knowledgeable enough to build my own custom room just yet. Once I get a couple grows under my belt, learn my preferred methods and such, I plan to customize my entire room for the grow and use my tent somewhere else.

Take what I say with a grain of salt as I am very newbie but I’m sure some of the vets around here will be in soon to give their better advice! Welcome and best of luck!

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Hi I haven’t been growing for very long but ill tell you a few things I have learned.
If you can build a room that’s air tight, painted flat white floor also.
Ventilation very important
Temp control vi
Light,lights,lights! Get the best you can afford! Larger room more lights. I’m not good with calculations for how many and what kind.
Organic soil
Good line up of nutrients
Learn how to Ph your water
Patience, patience,patience!
Ask lots of questions here.
1st. Check out the growers university here on GN.


If you are trying to save money I would go with a single 1000w hps and a 8" inline fan, your pots and a CPL fans a barrel or bucket to mix nutes a air stone and air pump is great. A charcoal filter to keep stink down. A pH pen at least and nutrients and medium and you can crop out a healthy harvest