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new posts coming right up bro haha

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New update 01-25-2021

4 bag seeds are growing nicely and have reached their 2nd node now.

Bobby’s widow is really stabilizing now after having to reposition a couple days ago.
Leaves are growing earlier bigger and fuzzier.

The forge is growing fantastic. Same as Bobby’s. The leaves are growing fatter fuzzier and bigger early on in their growth.

I also bought some RO water for the first time ever!! It’s running at 5.8 ph.

I’m using living soil so I might have to order some ph up to get it to 6.2-6.5ph

Any input on RO would be fun to talk about and anything about the plants!

Early on I put dry mykos and mykos wp and Azoz surrounding the plants and near the roots.

Keep up the support guys and thanks a lot !!


Any advice guys I’m a bit worried about the Bobby’s widow


Good RO should be right at 7.0 ph. The RO I buy varies between 6.8-7.0 dependingon the day. It sounds like the place you bought your RO from needs to change their filters. I’m not sure how it would work with living soil. I always add Cal-mag since all the trace minerals have been removed from the h20 @jdmhype.

Hopefully someone with experience in living soil can chime in and advise you a little better.


Im going to be buyuing some ph up bro.
I do have some calcarb spray that i can add into the water but my soil already has calcium in it.

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what do you guys think so far ?!

  • one of the plants got plant burn cus the humidifier ran out of water when the lights timer turned on and i was sleeping but is stable now and growing more still.
  • other than that i just sprayed cal carb underneath the leaves.
  • I also lst the mystery seed and the stems are getting thicker at the nodes now.
  • The bobbys widow and Forge are growing steadily and fattier leaves its gonna be nice to see them grow out since there isnt much stretching on em.
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