New to the forum with a question about transition to flowering stage

Hello, I am new here and so far this seems like a fountain of (mostly good) information!

I am on my 3rd crop in my 4x5 space I built in the corner of the garage. I have a carbon filter and pretty big 6" exhaust fan. I am using a single Bestva 2000W LED.

I have 6 plants that are from seeds I got from bud purchased at the retail pot store. 5 are Blue Dream and 1 is Keep Tahoe Blue.

Yesterday I changed the lighting from 18/6 to 12/12 and started introducing Tiger Bloom.

My 2 Questions:

  1. one of my Blue Dreams is a couple of feet taller than the others. It hasn’t yet shown me that it is a male but I suspect it might be. If it turns out to be female will I kill it if I whack off a foot or so of the top and try to clone that? It would make it easier to adjust the light with them all more or less the same height. I have them stacked on buckets, boxes and such to make them as even as possible now.

  2. During the Veg stage I ran both the Veg and Bloom lights. I figured some extra red light didn’t hurt the Veg plants but don’t know for sure. Now that I am in flowering mode should I just run the red light?
    According the add my light is supposed to be good enough for 4 X 8 but I suspect it barely sufficient for 4 x 5 in the real world. But I am guessing! What do I need to measure and how do I do that?

Sorry I think there were really 4 or 5 questions in there. I hope they make sense.

Thanks in advance! I hope to be a contributing member a couple of crops down the road.

  1. It wont kill it to chop off some for cloning. Also you should not start bloom nutrients right away like that. You should have a flush before going to nutrients…but you should let the buds form a little before switching to bloom nutrients. Also that light you got suckered into buying is cheap junk sorry! not being rough, but real. Here are the specs/lies right here.

Core Coverage Area】Compare to 1400 watt HPS while consuming only 390 watts! Twice effective coverage area than any Reflector Series lights, perfect for a 7.8’ x 7.5’ growing area at 24" height. Avoid Daisy Chain, Dangerous First & Energy overlap causes waste.
There english translation is close but it’s garbage also.
The 2 different lights wont hurt anything use them both!

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Thanks for your honesty about the light. Thats why I came here. Can you recommend a decent light for 4 x 4 area? I prefer LED because of heat and power. I don’t understand lighting well enough and there is a lot of misinformation out there.

I did a pretty through water flush right before I switched to 12/12. I’ll hold off on the bloom nutes until I see some buds as you suggest.

I appreciate it!

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I’m about 5-7days& I make DIT CLONE BOWLS.
It’s a Dollar Tree store, and get the bed bowls a leak tight lid at HD and it will fit perfectly on top of the boat now you have a DWC BOWL. You are going to have to use a few tools, and 2 inch net cups and drill holes 1.bowl you can clone four cuttings now you need to do some math to make them make the bowl and do your homework on making a 4 way separate chamber with anything that is FDA approved and you will have to put it in the bowl and make sure that you think that the roots are not able to mesh together. Next you make the lid so you can put a hole on the top side of lid and tapper pointed to make the hole. Not a drill them hook it up with your nutrient and let them stay in the 4 site cloning bowl . Items for a top level. Red circle bowl $1, leaktight lid,$1.57 $ 50 count $~16.95 …2 inche net cups,1-10gal air pump $8and air stone 99 cent at pet store that you put into the lid that you made with your 1/4"air line (tip cut air line at a 45°so you will not have to use anything to make it fit into the lid nice and tight so you won’t have to use any kind of air leaks) Now you put it together and put 4 cuttings into it, give it a power source and put your grow med into the net cups and then turn it on to check for any air leaks, and if you do you can do one of two things. Use Marineland aquarium sealant 30ml tube. WILL NOT HARM THE GIRLS $~2.00 it’s 100%safely made to fix fish tanks cracks and the 5 seaming to make fish tanks. NOT TOXIC. Now you just put the cuttings in your grow area and I use a HLG V2 150 watts [email protected] HD (tip) Google the light to get a HD coupon for HD) after you find wait 4 days and add more nutrients for another 3 to 6 more days even if you love what you see under the lid and then just repot your clones into your next size pot. Let me know what you think about it’s review please. I’ll tell you that You’re Welcome when you give me your feedback. Buy 2× the amount of bowls and lids that you are going to clones.

What’s your price limit @mrwonderful? has some great lights but can get pretty expensive. Marshydro makes good lights that are pretty affordable. Stay away from the lights that use lenses and fans. Look for lights that have good thick heatsinks that the led boards attach to. Good luck my friend!

I was looking at the Mars Hydro TS 2000 based on your feedback. Its about $260 on their website. Is there a better choice in that price range? I guess I’d like to keep the price tag under $300 if possible. Don’t mind

I really appreciate the feedback. I have many more questions.Amazingly, even as ignorant as I am of all this new growing technology and methods, I am having ok success for a rookie. I used to grow a little in the early 1970s during my misspent youth but that was just planting a bunch of whatever seeds we had next to the river and hoping for the best.

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I’d go with the mars

I had to build some benches to keep an even canopy

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 Ditch that led light. I know you don't want too, but 1000w hps light with a super hortilux bulb. As long as you can control the heat to keep the room at around 77 your good. I use a 1000w per 4’x4’ area. I am a small scale and a large scale commercial grower with 20 years solid experience. These are also just my opinions on what I would do. Not everyone will agree I am sure. 
Chems: you do want to do a flush feeding before you go into blooming, but you do want to start flowering chems too, as soon as you go into flower cycle. You can even do a diluted mix for a short transitional period. 
 Cloning: you Can, but shouldn’t Clone after your into flower cycle. Some people pinch the top to stunt the height when going into flower, but i do not. I think stressing your plants can cause degradation. Even if just a little, it shocks them. Anyway, id keep them in veg cycle and super crop anyway. After you see a few nodes grow in then You can take the top cut as clone. It turns the lower nodes into main branches. I can get way more detailed if you need. Hahaha 

If your too far into the flower cycle your best bet would be to either pinch that tall one or bend and pull it down to the side to grow that way. I forgot the name of that method.
Also: I have no idea why my reply came out all crazy with the letter size and such. Hmmm

Thanks @bullfrog420, I am only 2 days into the 12/12 cycle so not too far. I started with a 1000w HPS light but had to run my fan 7/24/365 and still had a hard time keeping the temp below 95. Even with my crappy LED light it stays pretty warm (between 77 and 90) I think I would have to add AC to run HPS effectively. It gets pretty hot and very dry here. My outside humidity is usually below 30% and often in single digits. So far I can keep the humidity between 40% and 50% with just watering which I understand from the chart that @PreyBird1 posted is way on the dry side.

having a hard time getting things dialed in but getting better everytime. Typical beginner… but eager to learn and just having a great time growing my own.

I think there is room for improve the configuration of my grow room. The room is 5 X 8 but I am only growing in 4x5 of one end.

Oh man that is Definitely to hot!!! Hotter temps create elongated, and airy buds. Id be trying to figure out some type of a/c for that room immediately. The quality will be night and day.
Sounds like your living in conditions like I used to. When I lived up in the mountains in Colorado our humidity would drop to 16% at times. My daughter would get on the trampoline and her hair would stand straight up. Hahahaha I used a humidifier to keep the room up to 45-50%.
Throw up a pic of your room. If you habe any questions ask, Inlike being able to help others. I made a lot of people in Colorado, California, illinoisme, and even Ohio millions of dollars. I believe one of my warehouses I built out in Co is valued at around 12 million a year. Those as hats still don’t know how to grow, just following feed charts they were given. I won’t make people like that money every again. Im for the regular schmucks like me.

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Good guess. I’m in Colorado in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.
I will put up some pictures of my grow. I really appreciate all the great feedback.

I also used to Run the “light on” times at night to utilise the cooler temps oitside. In Co Ive also pulled air from outside to use to cool things. That doesn’t help with the humidity tho. I have had grows in Boulder, Denver, Centenial, Highlands Ranch, Longmont, Nederland, Evergreen, Woodland Park, Co Springs, Pueblo, Breakenridge, Dillon, Silverthorne, Blue Ridge, Frisco, Vail, and Edwards. Hahahaha Dam, I guess I did travel around Co a lot years ago. So…some advice for growing from the Co front range and up. Humidity over 55% will start getting the over humid mold spots. Temps for me where best around 77. Stay under 80 if you can and try to minimize your day and night temp split difference. Mine are under 5 degrees. If you run Co2, stay around 1200ppm or less. I found 1000 ppm at 5k feet elevation was great. 1500 would sometimes be too much for them. I just realized Im babbling on and on. My bad. This is some good butter. Hahahaha

![4 x 5 x 8|666x500]


Good thing you flipped when you did the plants will grow from 40%-65 in size when flowering and stretch.

Yikes! I better tune up the weedwhacker.

Thats 2 1000w hps in a similar size rm. I was able to run an 18k btu a/c.

Re-starting my indoor grow. Last time I got a modest crop of ok bud. One of the males was a sneaky bastard so I have some seeds. Not complaining! It was a wild ride… we laughed… we cried and enjoyed the harvesting process. A Lot!

However ya’ll inspire me to better things so we are taking it up a notch… maybe a notch and half:

  • Got rid of the “burple” light (Best LED grow light of 2019 my ass!) and replaced it with Mars Hydro TS 3000. Just got it yesterday. It really lights up my 4 x 5 grow space. At least by comparison.
  • Ordered Jack’s Parts A & B.
  • Better air filters on the inbound vents
  • PH/EC pen

I am about to sprout some Sleeping Beauty, Blue Dream and (what I think/hope is) Harlequin.

I’d like to upgrade my environment controls. I have the usual mob of timers, switches, extension cords and stuff. I bought a RaspberryPi and Home Assistant. That shows promise but is a longer term project. I going to get something simpler for the short term for at least temp and humidity. I may have to start traveling again so I need as hands free as I can get it.

Is anyone using the Inkbird WiFi Temp and Humidity controllers?

Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller with WiFi IHC-200 Humidity Controller with Outlet

Another thing I learned for really looking at the pictures of the grows on this forum is that I was too aggressive with trimming. I only meant to do good…but I kinda went medieval on them way too late one night.