New to this forum. Trying a new light

Just convinced myself to make the change from HPS to LED and copped two new lights for my growth. iL8x from iluminar. Made some pretty deep research and talked to a lot of sales agents so Im sure it will work for me. Just curious about what you guys thinks and if someones using these lights what has been your experience with them. Thank you bros


Welcome TAY! Ive been running with that light for the past 6 months and lucky for you me and you I havent had aaany problems. I had some concerns about size but it fit perfectly in my tent. Make sure you update on your grow!


Hi @taylorpow ,welcome to GN. Awesome that you have taken the plunge and moved from HID to LED. Hope you share some pictures of your ladies under the new lights.


Hi Taylor and welcome!! You have stumbled into the greatest group of people! Always willing to help. Buy we want pictures…lol


670 watts… What size room ya got it in? Well you sure as heck can’t blame any problems on the lights @ 2.6 umol/s. That is a doozy. Congrats on the switch it will be cool to get your pros and cons after a harvest or 2. Been growing long w the HID? Anywho welcome to the club and all that jazz. Let’s see some pics of this bad boy…what strains ya doing?


Thanks for the support! I had 3 harvests under my belt with HPS, but wanted the upgrade and decided to invest on the light since i already had everything else from my past harvests. Im also trying new strains, purple kush which im still waiting on lol, damn delivery guys. But for sure will post pics of the progress. Hope I dont mess up much and yeah, I cant wait to get my hands on that light

WELCOME to GN the finest group of growers on the net and very friendly any concerns with ur grow just fire away. Good luck and be safe

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