New tradition in my house hold?

My wife has suggested as a new Chanukah tradition, for our household. One new joint each night. So two the first night. Three the second…


I love my wife.


Love it. My wife is Israeli. So it is a special time for her. Sadly she doesnt smoke anymore. Doesnt care for todays smoke. So i pick up her slack now.


I absolutely understand. We love lightning the manorah. Eating oily foods, homemade fruit filled donuts. My son is try to find new meaning in old traditions. But, that is what each generation does.

May the lights of these days find the darkest corners and fill them with enlightened thoughts and ideas.

From my wife.

“Oh Chanukah, oh Chanukah come light the menorah. We all smoke a joint and then dance the hora. We all have the munchies and there are latkes to eat…”


Happy Hanukkah, everyone, from your friends at GNET


I like this new tradition, @ethan! Do any other forum members have a holiday tradition that incorporates cannabis?


I have a question about this tradition. Is it a requirement that you must light all other joints from the center joint, or the “shemash” joint? AND, will we be partaking in 44 joints over the course the 8 crazy-chill nights?


The Halichah of Chanukah cannabis consumption.

We still have to have a menorah with candles or oil, to be kosher. But, we decided that you have a joint in front of every candles including the schamas. The schamas may do work to light the first joint last. But you you may not use the schamas for the subsequent joints and all joints must be finished before the candles go out.

If you want to be extra observant use a cannabis concentrate or oil.
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May you have an ever blighting festival.