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New violations for CannTrust..what's next for the Canadian cannabis giant?

New woes are plaguing embattled CannTrust, as more violations are discovered. These new violations come on the heels of several investigations and sanctions. Ganjapreneur reports the preceding violations include operating unlicensed grow rooms in it’s Vaughn Facility and inadequate control and security procedures. This new violation lists CannTrust as “non-compliant” and requires a remediation plan.

CannTrust is under investigation, board executives are now prohibited from selling their shares in the company, and there are talks of a pending sale of the company. What does this mean for CannTrust Holdings? Might this latest violation be the nail in the coffin that spells demise for the company? Are you a CannTrust investor? Is your trust shaken by the actions of the company? How might the ripple effect spread across the cannabis industry?