New Way of Growing With Less Chemicals

Hello everyone I’m new to the forum. Y’all can all me Canna Budz. I happen to be watching YouTube, and saw this one video where this guy made growing so much easier. He has three methods of feeding. He does a feeding once and the next three is pH watering before the 4th feeding. He also uses florescent lights. None of his videos are time lapsed. His Channel is Welcome to the Grow Tent. Check it out!!!

it’s nice.

Sorry… I run living soil… already way less chemicals…

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I don’t know any other way besides organic non chemical… I thought the whole goal of doing it right was as natural as possible

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You aren’t wrong @scotty17… I can’t go living soil through the winter… my fish juice and Crab meal would make me live in the streets… so thus I run Botanicare on indoor… But since Scott’s bought them and gavida I have lost interest… so thus my I am looking at Jacks 123