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"New york on pause"

So as I sit here after the conference call that we are all laid off due to NY shutdown. I smoke a bowl and I have come to a couple of silver linings
1 when shit gets back going, us "paid on delivery"commission pay will be huge checks forna little bit.
2 I can spend the time I need to build my new grow area stepping up from a 5x6 area to 220sqft.
3 I will be able to spend the needed time to lay the ground work for fantastic grows for years to come

But those are just a couple of things that come to mind. And I know that I’m not the only one in this boat right now and many more are to come…
So I guess we are gonna need a bigger boat.


I hoping for a lockdown here in utah. I need a damn break. Ive been on vacation 3 times in 16 yrs. I work 55+ hrs a week. I never miss a day, never called in sick in 16yrs. I got shit to do. I have 2 motorcycles that have valve gaskets to fix. I need to get my garden outside ready to go. Clean the green house out and set up the solar system for it. Have to repair the snow blower that broke down this winter. I need to finish setting up my tissue culture lab. Ahhh i have a lot to do so the time off would be awesome for me. Im a salaried employee and vacation time stored up i welcome the “pause”


Idk where you find the time to work in your garden?? I agree with you @preybird1, your definitely due for some time off.