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Newby "grow that shouldn't have been."any i up

Started with a weed from some shake I was given. 1 seed became a female plant that survived my first attempt at growing. Now we are 5 weeks into flowering. No idea what she is but a sativa. ![IMG_20200416_093333|281x500](upload://

.jpeg) what do you tthink ? Any thoughts on what she may be?


Welcome @pleinesarthur happy to have you here!!
T.b.h. it’s impossible to tell what strain it is from a picture.would help with guesses if we could smell her but those would be guesses too. Looks like you are showing her love ,keep up the good work we are here if you need a hand :wink:


Thank you. I should have joined the message boards sooner but honestly I didn’t think she was going to survive vegatation. 5 weeks of flowering so far. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been reading a lot but still feel unsure on what to do. Thank you again.


Welcome to the GN Family @pleinesarthur
Hope you learn as much as we do here.
What are you growing in?
What are you feeding?

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


Welcome to the GN family @pleinesarthur!
Happy growing!


Thank you. I never thought I would enjoy gardening per se, but I love it.
By the time I realized the seed might actually survive II had already reppotted twice. I figured I was going to kill her when I first topped her. That’s when she took off and I actually thought I might have a chance. Now it’s flowering and I’m still amazed it’s alive. Thanks so much. Oh nutrient spikes where the only fertilizer.


Thank you. I know I will learn a lot with all of your guys and gals help on here.