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Nitrogen canning your cannabis to preserve freshness?

So, I went to the SWCC trade show in Phoenix and friend of mine gave me some nitrogen can sealed cannabis. I’ve seen it on Rare Dankness’s Instagram, and then I checked this video out because my friend started working at N2 Packaging.

When I opened it, my entire bedroom smelt like I just opened vacuum sealed lb of weed. I love this nitrogen sealing. I hope it becomes more of a standard because the quality is fantastic.

Pic attached!


Wow, I had no idea this was even a thing. I’ve yet to see any products like this in the Colorado dispensaries.

I’ve heard of this sort of thing with food. Lettuce , specifically. I work at a college and the processing/value added food kitchen, where local farmers come in to make their salsa or other products to sell, was looking into getting a nitrogen bagging system. I believe it is the oxygen which causes spoilage or deterioration of chemical compounds that we wish to otherwise preserve. Makes sense that it should work for cannabis too.


That would make sense. Oxidation reactions are generally the source of most decay for organic things, beyond biological sources of decay. Vacuum sealing and nitrogen sealing seem like 2 logical ways to prevent oxidation reactions from occurring.

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Wine producers on the low end use nitrogen NO2 for packaging. Works great gives them like a ten year shelf life.