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NL DWC Perpetual

I dropped 8 Fem NL seeds in h20 for 24hrs and they all popped so I then put them in root riot plugs taproot down. All 8 broke ground within 48hrs and started growing. I think the 1st pics are 4 days later.

I did a little pheno hunting to get down my final 3 plants. I plan on running these genetics for at least 3 harvests. I wish I had more room to grow all the plants. It’s a damn shame to do nothing with the rest!

Day 1 Veg

Running Advanced Nutrients lineup again. I feel I have a pretty good formula worked out for my 3rd run. I almost follow the recommended mixing strengths for my base. 1ml/L week 1, 2ml/L week 2, but only 3ml/L week 3. As far as all the add-ons I’m only running half-strength @ 1ml/L.
Sensi Grow 1ml/L, Sensi Cal-mag .5ml/L, B52 .5 ml/L, Voodo Juice.5ml/L, Piranha .5 ml/L, Tarantula .5 ml/L, Bud Candy.5ml/L.
I’m running my lights 60% Veg and 30% Bloom, 19on/5off, daytime temps 76f, nighttime 69f, RH 65%, h20 temps 69, ph 6.0 ppms 387.

All plants have started off nice and healthy this time. My WW plants weren’t as healthy when they started their life and they are definitely showing it as they finish flowering.
Northern Lights is 1 of my all time favorite strains. It’s a plus that it’s a fast flowering strain. The breeder says 49-56 days, and keep an eye on the trichs early. I’m hoping to have everything dialed in and be able to pull close to the 1 gram-watt ratio. Between my 2 flower lights I’m pulling 393 watts out of the wall. I’m trying to get a supply of my oil built up for the medical needs of myself and a couple close loved 1s.
I found a 1:1 strain that finishes in 45-49 days, Critcal CBD. It tests 16-19%thc-16-19%cbd that I think I’m going to run next. I haven’t been able to consume a high cbd strain for more than a couple weeks and really think it would be the next best type of cannabis to throw into my regiment. The goal between my Dr and myself is to be off the rest of the pharmaceuticals I’m taking, or the lowest possible dose by the end of 2020. I’ve gone to great lengths to document all of my health progress through a wealth of documents in my chart through blood work and medical imaging. I felt I needed to add my story to the 1000s others that prove overwhelmingly that cannabis is a medicine. I have been able to help convince alot of providers that were on the fence about the merits of medical cannabis.
I honestly feel that by the end of the next decade cannabis will be added back to the medical pharmacopia were it belongs!


That’s a nice setup! Good luck.

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Thank you! I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything dialed in with my flower tent, but this will be my 1st time in this tent. Still working out a few kinks…

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Yes, i hear you. One has to get acclimated to the environment just as much as the plant.


Day 6 Veg

Switched out by nutes for the 1st time and it’s definitely more work than just turning my pump on and filling up a bucket. I’m sure I’ll work out an easier way to do it…

I’m running Sensi Grow 2ml/L, Sensi cal-mag 1ml/L, B52 1ml/L, Voodo Juice 1ml/L, Piranha 1ml/L, Tarantula 1ml/L, Bud Candy 1ml/L, Sensizym 1ml/L, Rhino Skin 1ml/L.
I’ve got multiple roots in the h20 now and all 3 plants look real healthy. Started training them the min a root touched the h20.
My environment running daytime temps 78f, nighttime 69f, rh 60%-5%, h20 temps 68f, ph 6.1, ppms 708.


Day 14 Veg

I switched out my nutes today. All my plants are growing healthy and strong. I’m running out of room fast! I’m still about 5 or 6 days out b4 I can get them in my flower tent. After I finish drying my WW I’ll take down and disinfect everything in my flower tent, and then do a quick rebuild of my buckets to evenly fit under my scrogg screen.
This week I’m running 3ml/L Sensi Grow, 1ml/L Sensi Cal-mag, 1ml/L B52, 1ml/L Voodo Juice, 1ml/L Piranha, 1ml/L Tarantula, 1ml/L Bud Candy, 1ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino Skin.
Daytime temps 77-79f, nighttime 66-68f, RH 51-55%. I got another Inkbird control for this tent so I can keep my RH right where I want it. Lights on 18/6 schedule now from 18.5/5.5 last week. Blue spectrum is 80%, red spectrum 50%.
Starting H20 temp 67-68, ph 5.7, ppms 1003. I’ve noticed that ph drifts up to 6.4 within 48hrs but then it’s hovering around 6.0 about 56 hrs after mixing up. I prefer to run my ph at 6.0. I feel my plants can uptake my cal-mag easier right there at 6.0.
I had to stop my LST due to the tight situation I’m dealing with. I was going to try training my plants a little earlier but I won’t be able to do that now.
Each plant will have had 3 FIMMs by next week when they go in there final home. I’m seeing at least 3 new tops, 4 on my middle plant, that have come back from their cuts!

From this point on I’m going to stick with an 18/6 light schedule only for this tent. It’s going to be interesting to see how I do on my timing of taking my clones and Veging them, without overgrowing this tent… while I’m waiting for my flowers to finish. 1 good thing going for me is NL is a fast finisher. As I was finishing my WW I was thinking next time is the 3rd time running this system, I know it well, the next grow is going to go so much smoother and less stressful. I forgot I was starting something new again that I was going to have to dial in and get used too… But it’s so much fun and I love every minute of it!!!


So I’m so excited about my new airoponic cloning bucket I made and my perma clone collars that I got this week!!

I got my plants moved into my flower tent 3 days ago. 2 of my plants grew into the light but they were just fine and I never decreased my power supply.


Very Nice cloning bucket @Tygrow78. Maybe I’ll try one later this year, closer to Spring (September). I have 2 Moby Big Fem seeds, I want to make clones of them in spring.
(New grow project idea) Maybe do a small (wooden pallet size) scrog garden, with the clones or something. Will have to see how many small pots can fit in a pallet and then, to see if I can get so many clones up and running.


Thanks brother! Sounds like u have a good idea! If you have any ?s about making a cloning bucket, I can help u out. It’s pretty easy as long as u have the right tools.


Looking great man I like the lid for the aero cloner;)

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Tools are not a problem. I’m a very crafty DIY guys. But I’ll keep you posted when the time comes to build. Just have to go check what I can find around me. What would be a good flow rate on the fountain pump in that bucket size?


So I’m using a 250 gph pump in my bucket. With only 4 spray nozzles, it puts out a decent spray.


I’m about a day or 2 away from flipping my lights to 12/12. I switched my reservoir out today and started running my bloom line up.
Sensi Bloom 3ml/L, Sensi cal-mag 1ml/L, Voodo Juice 1ml/L, Tarantula 1ml/L, Piranha 1ml/L, Bud Candy 1ml/L, Sensizym 1.5ml/L, Bud Ignitor 2ml/L, Rhino Skin 1ml/L.
Daytime temps 77-80f, nighttime 66-68f, RH 51-54%, h20 temp 67-68f, ppms 1087, starting ph 5.5 then drifts up to 6.1 within 36 hrs then I keep it between 5.8 and 6.1 the rest of the week. Blue spectrum 100% Red spectrum 75%, then I’ll go to 100% when I flip my lights.
I filled up my top off reservoir running those nutes at a ppm of 553 keeping my temps at 65-68f with little frozen h20 bottles.
Day 18 Veg

Day 19 Veg

Day 20 Veg

Day 22 Veg, Today.
I did some pretty aggressive training to all my plants yesterday when I tied down my new growth and super cropped every stem that is fastened to my screen.

I’m going to let them keep vegging another day or 2 and keep recovering b4 I flip my lights and take my clones. I like the growth style of my left plant the most and will probably run that 1 the rest of this grow. But I’ll take some from the others also.