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No more edibles in the shapes of animals, fruit or humans in Colorado starting Oct 1

They don’t want kids mistaking edibles for Flintstone vitamins, which makes sense.


Although Flintstones vitamins can be much more dangerous.

But yes, I’m all for this. There’s no reason these have to look like gummy bears. Cool geometric shapes will do just fine.


An all-around good decision. Edibles that look and smell like kids candy is dangerous to children.

It’s similar to making a gun that looks like a toy gun. It’s a really bad idea.

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I’m guessing there will be some good sales in the next few days. I should visit some dispensaries and see what I can pick up for cheap, since they have to get rid of everything by Oct 1st.

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Remember to pull all your stock that isn’t in compliance, dispensary owners!


This seems like an ethical decision to me. Lets make them more tasty, and less visually appealing. Child safe bags and opaque packaging For the Win!