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Hey cannafriends!
I’m a student of Nanotechnology, I have 1 year growing weed but I don’t have a lot of money to buy a growtent or a spiderfarmer light, I read a lot and I try to understand the plant.
My growroom is 100% homemade, I use living soil, molasses, bat guano, and other two or three things.
Thx for your time :paw_prints:


Welcome to the GN Family @acidcat420
Hope you learn as much as we do.
Nice little Setup you got there.
What strains are you growing?
I’m a outdoor living soil grower.


Welcome to GN! And happy growing :crazy_face:


Welcome to the crew.

What EC/PPM/TDS are you feeding your girls at?


Welcome to GN. I did a journal on another site and I found it later online. The website took it and did their own narrative of it and called me a man and said I was in Tulsa which are both wrong but u can find it by looking it up here.

I had a whole grow room at the time but wanted to show u could also do it on a budget. Good luck with your grow.


Thx @docdre
In the growroom the small ones are super skunk clones and a feminized baby from a friend
And I have a regular super skunk flowering in outdoor, it has like 3-4 weeks in flower


Thx bro :relaxed:


I recently read that some growers don’t use nutrients instructions, they only use the EC, and ppm, how can i know what ppm or EC use? In the outdoor plant I use bat guano and molasses

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Im going to read it, thx bro :relaxed:

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Welcome to the family!!


At my current job, we EC seedlings and clones to .9 EC and 5.7 PH. Once we have good roots and decent growth we go to 1.5 EC and 6 PH. First two weeks of flower we go to 1.8 EC and 6.2 PH
Weeks 3-6 we go to 2.0 - 2.2 EC (cultivar dependent) and 6.2-6.5 PH.
Week 7 1.8 EC 6.0 PH
Week 8 1.3 EC 5.8 PH

We are also growing in Coco Coir. So in soil you would need to start lower and work it up watching for signs of burn. Once you find where your numbers for your setup is, you just follow that formula every time.

Never ever use just what the nute manufacturing company says to use.
Many times it’s way under what you need. Others it’s way over.


Perfect bro thx for the info
In living soil its the same thing? I will take your advice of measure the EC :ok_hand:t3:


I’m not 100% sure. I’ve always been a Coco grower. But it shouldn’t be too far off.


Hi @acidcat420!

This is where science goes: optimization of resources.

Your plants look healthy and yummy!

Regards from Ecuador!



Welcome @acidcat420

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Welcome to the forum…In living soil I just use teas and top dressing with castings and fulvic acid, fish juice, 200x aloe flakes and ag-SIL… you can add more or not… I did not Ph nor did I care about TDS… never had an issue at all… the secret with living soil that keeps it simple is if the worms and bugs look healthy then you soil is healthy and your plants should be healthy…

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Welcome acidcat! Looking good, be proud of what you’ve achieved. When you do have some cash to invest you’ll be able to do it justice!

Personally I’m growing under budget lights I’ve accumulated over the last 2 seasons, none of which cost me more than 160 CAD. You can do a lot with a little, and your grow is a solid example of that. Knowledge and passion trump dollars every time in the land of love.

Keep well and blaze strong!

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