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Number of Harvest per plant

How many harvests per plant can you get on an aquaponic setup.

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Depends, normally just one

You can leave some vegetation and reveg it but sometimes the wait can be quite some time

Your better off taking clones right before you switch to flower and getting them to root and get them started in the veg stage…by the time you harvest the first plant, your clones will almost be ready for flower


Absolutely I revegged 2 clones my dad had gifted to him that had started to flower at 6-8inches tall due to light schedule and inexperience but anywho they took a good 60 days just to re veg then 30 for a veg and a 11-12 week flower cycle because they ended up being super sativa dominant strains haha so a little over 7 months was definitely not cost effective but my dad was proud they were his plants ya know it’s just different when there YOURS