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Nutrient level Testing

Can an EC meter tell the concentration of multiple nutrients in a solution? If not is there a way to test this automatically, maybe something with an arduino?


Like how much nitrogen is in there?

No, EC metres only measure conductivity and it’s measures the conductivity of all the salts in the solution.

Breaking them down individually can probably be done however it would take more expensive equipment than a regular old ec meter.

If you know your NPK numbers from your nutrients then you should be able to use those to give you a rough calculation based off your total EC or poms


You can get a npk. Test kit if the digital gear is too pricy.(they make hydro sensors for green houses but the system I saw was over 60000 cdn and ran 4 green houses.)I can post a pic of the npk test kit tn when my lights come on


i have watched some videos where some have setup an arduino EC tester, one guy used like 8 different nutrients, how in the world would you be able to track each of them and their concentration in the solution. even if you used 2-3 how could an EC tester allow you to separate out those nutrients.


I’ve never had to track each nutrient individually, but I’m a hobbyist and have not found a need for something like that at my level of growing.

I watch the plant, figure out what it needs by how the leaves look, and then administer in small amounts