Nz outdoor

@sivahn16 I am gonna try seed a bottom branch- it’s going so purple- I don’t know what it is but its pretty cool. early, and does not like mainlining.
will let you know if it succeeds.


Approx 5 week flower. I think this strain is more than likely a berry purp strain and not the gorilla glue I had hoped for. Still pretty awesome and looking forward to try some🤩

Seed 1

Seed 2

Mobster love this strain no clue what it is?

White rhino oh so sweet

Fingers and toes crossed for the next 3 weeks😬


Hey now your looking good. Go NZ. Go all blacks!


@tubular , nice updates. What the hanging cd’s for?


Haha just for size perspective I have found it hard to get good pictures(even though these are a bit blurred) so thought I would use something most of us might recognise…:star_struck:


Ah ok, we used to hang them around our veggie garden to keep the monkeys away, as they spin the light distracts the monkeys, well that is the idea, but it did not work.


@chrisj yes we have tried it here to keep the magpies(like blackbirds)out of sheds but they are way to smart…but hey they are nice and shiny and are now just about a piece of ancient history…!!! :laughing: :rofl:

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Duder im all game to smoke somma that!

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Here’s what the environmental stats are.



It’s just about time for the tops to come off . Bottom nugs stay for another few weeks
Cleaned up the lower branches

Seed 1 cheese pineapple

Seed 2 cheese strain

Purple berry something
Didn’t like main lining
Early and different taste

Mobster super duper

White Rhino super fruity old school and prolific growing


Here’s my end of season shots

This is first cut dry ready to cure


Grand purp

Pineapple chunk

Mobster (? Origin )

Uploading: 5C93F950-47C0-47BC-9F7D-87AE80F63269.jpeg…

White rhino


Seed breeders

Will post pics of seeds once I extract them

Left is mobster x pinnapple chunk and right is pineapple x pineapple


Hi all I thought I would continue this season with a smaller more compact gro. I am going to try permaculture technique on my previously full till plant beds.

I have started my seeds I created last season pineapple chunk, and PC x mobster grape? Who knows whats gonna happen really…?

Also been given something called North Lime so gonna try a couple of those a go.

Also have a cross of the purple one that I grew but didn’t create the seed.

And two feminized seeds,
Banner and BogBanner and will do those in buckets later.

Its still illegal as here still sadly- :pensive:

Happy growing out there though😎


Here’s the pick of the seeds I made growing just in the soil/compost mix no extra nutrients- yet😎

And all four north lime ave come up.

First seeds were started in paper towel on plate covered in hw cylinder space
North lime started in soil directly

And I had some bad news that I have to have a second wrist operation so I made some coconut butter extract for my rehab :brain:
1cup coconut heated to liquid reduced heat to minimal never let boil
Had my vape left overs and bubble hash from last year and some cured bud 2 oz all up.
Ground it up and put on trays in ore heated oven 165 Celsius for 7 mins. Then added to liquid coconut and left on minimal heat( ? Temp sorry ) for 20 mins then strained in Pyrex measuring jug. Then I preped the 3/4 oz of mixed bud. Put in oven again to decarb., as above and put in the strained butter/ liquid. Then I left on min heat again 20 mins.
Then strained again into Pyrex.
Then I turned oven off, cleaned a jar and put in oven to heat up/ dry / prevent contamination etc for 10 mins.
I put rubber band around the cheese straining cloth oven the warm jar top.
slowly pour coconut liquid into jar- gets slower at end due to thick stuff and I carefully use a teaspoon to swipe back and forth.
Let sit to strain

When jar has cooled I put in freezer- after a spoon to test of course.:+1:


Looking good mate!

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Hi everyone here’s some update
Weather is warming up
Here’s my three seed types

Pineapple x pineapple these have some good shape and look

Pineapple x grape kept 3

North lime- unknown all four sprouted

Broke one so I tipped it and lay it in the foliage to harden up hopefully and keep growing


Well we just had 3 eeeks of rain and mist with no wind-very strange indeed and great for the plants :ok_hand:
Just don’t like that in March
I havnt had any show sex yet so have used my eyeometer to pick two candidates.

Pineapple chunk

Pineapple x grape

North lime are long and lanky but have a great smell already

And I couldn’t resist starting some of the purple plant cross unknown that I grew last year.


Looking killer man. Were going to have devise a way to get you some seeds. Dm me later if you like.


@preybird1 that would be mean… :star_struck:

i will dm you cheers.


and i just want to add that saying ‘mean’ at the end of a sentence in nz can be a positive thing…like wow, most appreciated, awesome!!! :rofl: