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Hi everyone merry Christmas and happy new year 2022
Update - we have had more rain flooding and mist so grow has been more root based instead of vegetation.
This year I have not used clones and have put two in ground of seed I made last year.

None have sexed yet and I am keeping the ones in small pots to hopefully speed that process. Just feeding some seaweed concentrate at 20mls/ 20 litres some pretty minimal but I am gonna try buy some cannabis specific nutrients soon.

Pineapple chunk x itself

and pineapple chunk x grape

And the north lime I was given as seed seems to be a large frame plant and already has a very nice smell

And I did start two if the purple cross but will update pics later.



HNY world
Well here’s my update
We have had some great weather and they are growing. BUT they havnt sexed yet so with only 15 weeks max from here I am worried if my big ones are male :flushed:
I will have to start and sex earlier next year. Or a small tent for wintering…:ok_hand:

So I have repotted all the small ones in case I need a transplant

Here’s the (hopefully) purple one crosses unknown by my mate. They have grown well and started latest.

And from left to right pineapple chunk x grape, north lime, pineapple chunk, purple x.

PC x G


North lime

In ground

Pineapple chunk

Pineapple chunk x grape


Very cool. Im about to ship to NZ tomorrow. Sending some fire Down under!


Well that was quick, the weather heat peaked and then a cool snap and the First Ladies arrived.
The two purple cross seeds I started last, they have grown large quickly and now I think early flowering.
Might be a good strain to try and maintain.


And I got given a small sick clone and revived it.
Couldn’t resist a bit of easy planting sneaky commando style one…even in my garden😂

Others not showing any sex yet including the ground ones - next 3 days I hope


I like how your all guerrilla growing. Are the plants growing into those bags of soil like big bag/pots? I like it. Does the green fabric keep them shaded and disguised?


@PreyBird1 yes i also dug the soil below slightly wider than the bag and a solid spade depth and put 200g of nitrophoska blue through the soil.

Then I got a knife and made several long slits along bag, then turned it over onto the soil.

I cut a hole for the plant PB bag to slot into and then made about 20 holes in top of bag to help breathing through soil and with watering.

I cut the bottom compleatley off the PB bag and put into slot of potting mix.

Yes the shade cloth does both and since that photo I even pulled all the long grass up around edges.
Some times I might use leave or twigs to make a kind of rubbish heap of dry sticks.

Drones are everywhere these days so trying to blend into the surroundings is the goal.

Oh how I would love to grow some massive unrestrained plants though


Hi GN crew here’s a grow update.

I have enough females now so have culled some that havnt shown yet and strangely all these are from seed BUT I have 0 males…:flushed::face_with_monocle: I thought in natural process males tended to show first?

Anyway back to the good stuff…

Both the possible purp cross seeeds I started are female and massive. I had to plant one of these with guerrilla style quick fire method.

Dug soil and put a handful of med long release fert. You can choose what you like

Then water which I didn’t duh…
Cut slits in 50l bag mix and flip on your turned soil

Cut hole in bag and spread dirt . Puncture 20times around top of bag

Water and plant

Cover base with green shade cloth and then grass twigs, leaves etc

And my big one in ground that I considered a male but is female

I decided to try some netting for the other one in ground

Hasn’t shown sex yet so I am dubious

Looks good though and could still be female

And the sick clone has recovered well
And will go under other end of netting

Happy growing everyone



Well we have had severe subtropical rains- 500mm over 30 hours after an extended period of super hot dry weather. This was at sea level to so not a common occurrence.
I am about 190m above sea level 5 km from coastline.

Plants coped well and will have explosive growth after this.
Just started flower stretch this week I think? Is there a way to define this? I have only just had males appear several weeks after the females.

BUT one of my biggest ones showed balls do out he goes - sad really would have liked to cross this with the female if this type. Has great structure and growth

That was the pineapple x grape type and I had a spare female so turned soil and put it in.
On right both picks
left is a spare female of the purple seed cross I was given. So I have two of those in ground now.

The female pineapple chunk seems to be going well under the LST mesh I am trying this year

Clone is going ok in the bag

And north lime I am going to seed this plant up so I have more seed to try next season. Unknown flower, already smells citrusy and is very light green colour but didn’t like being root bound

Whole area - now minus the big one in front.:cry:

Oh I hope my pics are not sideways- yes I think I have sorted that.


Less i’m mistaken third pic down is a male.



Sure is the 2-4 pics are the male


Nice Colour Tubular


Welcome to the community @davo. Got anything growing?

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@davo cheers it was a surprise with that plant as I thought I had been given gorilla glue.
It turned out pretty well though. Thanks


@tubular if you want to cross the male next time consider a clone. Take a cut put it in the house and change the light so it flowers. And you can get enough pollen from the male clone to go outside and target pollinate only part of the plant for seed with a small amount of pollen. Go out just after dusk before the dew hits and use a Q-tip or a paint brush and pollinate whatever parts of the plants you want and in the morning the dew would have deactivated any other pollen possibly spilled during the night pollination.


Yes good idea. I would love to do that. cant at moment…but just quietly I have just about built a clone/vege cabinet…pics and details to come.
It looks like I might have the purple strain so would like to try clone that.

Also another plant(from seed-pinapple chunk strain) went hermy but I have never seen this type with early sweet smelling bud on top and (just b4 I gave to my mate) noticed from half way down was all male. very weird.

We have had extreme and out of season weather also. 500mm over 30 hrs and then 5 days later a cyclone tracked right over North Island (with strong winds) which isn’t typical- well strong winds are but the path it tracked wasn’t. Now there has been snow in Sth Island so I think autumn is here.



Im gonna try and send your package again thursday. Hopefully shipping costs are down.


Hey Prey…did Aus and NZ lift their import restrictions?..went to the PO 2 weeks ago inquiring about cost to ship a 4ozer of BBP to Australia and was told that Aus and NZ haven’t allowed any packages in for over 2 months…will be interested to know when that lifts…


@PreyBird1 @TheMadFlascher I had heard usps had totally stopped NZ delivery several months ago. Not sure what other companies service this part of the perimeter.
Seems to be a lot less on the supermarket shelves to.

BUT. On a good note after all my research here I have got myself a T6 infinity fan, and a 2nd hand tent and LED.
The infinity product Seem to be hard to get according to some on here.
Thanks Prey I appreciate the effort and
Rflash I think I may need to secure a batch of BBP at some point also- looks and sounds amazing :star_struck:


An update - with all the weather extremes we have brought a hermy out- I had just about given it to a mate !!!

And I am going to seed the strain I was given called north lime - seems to be lagging behind in developing flower compared to others but smells sooo skunky

Hoping for 6 solid week of sun now


I have been ordering things from AC Infinity lately and it’s hit and miss. Every time a state here in the USA legalizes medical marijuana they seem to sell out all their equipment very fast. I ordered an Clouldray A6 fan and 10 minutes later they were sold out, crazy resupply issues for them also!