Oklahoma MMJ laws will almost insure recreational is on the horizon

Oklahoma “health experts” have decided since its medical cannabis that it will remain illegal for dispensarys to sell any flower, commercial growers will be restricted to only growing plants 20% or less thc.

It blows my mind to know there is a hand full of states to have a wonderful policy for MMJ, yet Oklahoma did the complete opposite.


Wow, just when it looked like this was the least restrictive mmj law in the states, fear rears its ugly head in the form of state regulation! Super crappy news!


Small steps is better than nothing…As with all states that has done it…They will have to make changes in the law, from time to time.


You are right about that! Any step in the right direction is good…I’m just always wary of governmental overreach!


That is just silly for so many reason…

How can you ever control that with any degree of precision? By growing your plants worse? Sticking to 50:50 strains? Sifting to remove trichomes, if it is too high? Extracting and diluting it into a liquid vape product? Or is it simply, “nope, your cannabis is too good sir, it must be destroyed”?

No sense at all…


THANK YOU!!! Great point! That’s like American schools trying to dumb down our children…no sense at all!


Insane – besides the shitty strains and dumbing down referred to by @Farmer_Dan and @Growernick ---- since they can’t distribute flower…they will be making extracts from whatever they grow…

WTF is the issue with a 28% flower vs. an 18% flower if both are required to be processed into extracts? A lower yield just results in higher costs and more waste…



Unbelievable, right? It’s the kind of shortsightedness that can only be ascribed to politicians with absolutely ZERO fundamental understanding of the cannabis plant!

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Lucky for us here in Oklahoma they’ve recently removed a lot of those restrictions as of 8/1. Things will get exciting just as soon as licenses are being issued I’m sure. I’m curious what it’ll do to the wholesale market for growers.