Old stunted plants

I’m new to this but I have done 5, 6 grows now. All but one has been outside gorilla grow. Oklahoma went live last year and I found myself at a grow facility and long story short myself and one other I’ve done good grows with before. I’ve never seen plants that where clone for 4/19/19 and never take on more than 2ft I. Height, root bound, nutrient burn, over watered and the worse infestation of spider mites I’ve ever heard of. Over 8 weeks now just the two of us have brought back to life 535 plants by root trimming, transplanting to hybrid soils new grow bags, new autoflower seeds from fast buds. But we are having a hard time figuring out a good pest control plan. We have 3 buildings and two greenhouse that we have built in between times we where not battling a slew of issue. Now we have two autoflowers strains that’s it. How can we as growers build a biometric cross contamination program? What preventive measure are we missing. If I had it my way I’d grow outside no better place in my opinion. But inside is riddled with issue after issue. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated.

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First thing what do you do between rooms? Any decontamination? protective clothing? Air wash systems? limiting access? these thing can help with keep the bad out. How about bring in fresh air in to the rooms? filters?

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Hey we are in Oklahoma City could definitely help out if needed.
If the place is that infested you should get rid of everything and start fresh.
Get rid of all plants whether visibly contaminated or not.
Food grade H2O2 is your friend spray everything top to bottom with with and wipe down every crevice of the facility. This includes, bulbs, fixtures, pots, fans, etc…
EVERYTHING gets cleaned and Sanitized.
Then do everything the guy said as far as PPE etc…
Then bring in fresh clean genetics.
Even then unwanted pests are probably still present
In the grow.
Your best bet is to use an OMRI pesticide regimen foliar spraying every 3 days.
I switch between products every spray so the bugs cant get immune to anything.
Then I usually stop after week 3 in flower.
If you follow this along with literally following proper donning doffing procedures you are golden.

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