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Open Source Cannabis?

[quote]Breeders from Göttingen University in Germany and Dottenfelderhof agricultural school in Bad Vilbel, Germany, have released tomato and wheat varieties under an open-source license.

The idea behind the open-source license is that scientists and breeders can experiment with seeds—and improve them—unimpeded by legal restrictions. The license “says that you can use the seed in multiple ways but you are not allowed to put a plant variety protection or patent on this seed and all the successive developments of this seed,” says agricultural scientist Johannes Kotschi, who helped write the license last year. [/quote]

What are you guys’ thoughts on this? Think it would be good for cannabis?


This is what we believe in and why we started Strainly almost 2 years ago.
We are currently working with the Open Cannabis Project (out of Portland, OR) to formalize an Open Source breeding license/framework for cannabis breeders to voluntarily adhere to.

More to come…


Thanks again @Strainly for being on the forefront of preservation of genetic diversity of cannabis!