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Operation Grow - An objective view on growing

Operation Grow is a project we are running to gather objective data on the same cultiva being grown by 10 different growers with detailed environmental conditions logged along with the full journal of activities carried out.

How much does environment impact the outcome? Does leaf stripping work? What is the best medium and container/size/type for optimal yield? Just some of the questions we hope to answer to empirical and observed data.

We aim to run more of these in parallel, if you are a seed breeder, nutrient/light/extraction manufacturer and are interested in independent data validation to support product claims then please get in touch.

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Good day,

What an outstanding idea!
May I ask what platform you will be utilizing to perform the chemical analysis of said program variables? Love to help. If you are open, I would like to connect to share what we are currently scaling up to support programs like this. Our platform can quantify 14 top cannabinoids to a PPB / LOD and can accurately deploy this chemical data analysis based upon objectives.

Please shoot me a DM if you would like to do a call.

Thank you,

D. Cree Crawford, President / COO
Ionization Labs -a Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. Company
[email protected]
Direct: (512) 273-7832
Office:(888) 588-4356

3636 Dime Circle (A) - Austin, TX. 78744

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Sounds quite useful!
YT says it’s a livestream/video not available.
Do you have a link for more info?
How will you handle proprietary intellectual property?


We had to redo the live link, minor technical glitch. Here is the link to the channel:


In the instances where proprietary intellectual property is involved we handle them on a case by case basis. With either NDAs or via contractual agreement.

Operation Grow is the publicity side of the project where everyone participating is happy to be involved publically both in terms of the testers and those having seeds/nutrients/equipment tested and as such is free for everyone involved.

For customers wanting to have independent 3rd party data gathering and validation done then we asses those on a case by case basis taking into account the complexity, duration and analysis of the test. If you have something specific in mind please do DM me and we can pick it up from there.



Let me know how we can help. This sounds like an awesome project!


Looking to get the channel and what we are doing promoted. Ideally looking to talk to breeders, equipment/nutrient manufactures who are interested in 3rd party data validation & testing.

Our new subscription model is focused on making it easier for our commercial clients to take the system onboard as there is no Capital Expense, rather it is an Operational Expense.


Everyone is starting to pop their seeds, we’ll get to see which techniques have the best results.


The next in the series of live shows.


Due to technical issues with YouTube last night our broadcast was postponed. It is today at 21:00 BST

Come and join the conversation


We start to take a dive into murky world of plant pedigree


Hey Pete,

Great videos!

Any @EquipManufacturers in the @NutrientsMedia business interested in learning more about what @PLGrowSystems is proposing?

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