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Oregon Growers, Let's Talk Soil & Media!

Hey Oregon, Miller Soils is headed your way!

We are coming out for the Cannabis Grower’s Fair August 12-13th in Salem, and setting up meetings and farm tours Thursday and Friday (10-11th) in Oregon. Let us know if you’d like to set something up. We’ve got samples and knowledge, ready to go!

Check out our Red’s Biochar Blend - a great choice for a living and/or no-till soil. It’s fully amended with all OMRI-listed ingredients. Worm castings, compost & endo-mycorrhizae to integrate beneficial biology, and a spectrum of marine-based amendments that feed microbes and plants.

We love biochar, not only for it’s high surface area that leads to high retention of water and nutrients (up to 40% reduction in water needs), but it also creates an ideal habitat for communities of bacteria & fungi, which are integral to a healthy soil food web!

Here are some photos from some very happy Red’s customers:

Hit us up if you’d like to know more!


I love the pictures!