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Oregon pound price?

Hey everybody,

I am curious to know what price cultivators are getting per pound when selling to a retail location or a wholesaler? I’m planning on using a greenhouse and using organic methods. I really just want to see if it is financially possible to begin/compete in the market where there are already many big players. I would appreciate if there are any cultivars that retailers consistently seek or any other good information related to pricing. Thanks in advance for the help!


Hey there Jared,

Oregon cultivars are currently receiving anywhere between 800 and 2500 per unit for their flower at a wholesale level to distributors or retailers. This is a large range but is due to several variables in which I will explain in the new few sentences. My company is located in Southern Oregon and we bring all of our flower right to our dispensary since we are vertically integrated. We also bring it into our processing facility, where it is turned into a variety of Sun God Medicinals products. Other Southern Oregon farmers currently get anywhere from $800-1300/lb wholesale within this region. Southern Oregon is one of the best places to cultivate outdoor cannabis as it is one of the northern most points within the Emerald Triangle with growing conditions similar to humboldt or mendocino counties in CA. Most Southern Oregon flower stays within the valley for average dollar figures, but higher numbers are paid within areas like Eugene and Portland where high grade outdoor is sought after through specific SO farmers. Indoor grown flower, mostly coming from Eugene, Bend or Portland s going anywhere from 1600-2800 per pound. This is also a large range due to variables such as strain rarity, cannabinoid potency, terpenoid content, equiptment used in grow room setup, and partnerships with specific distributors or retailers. I hope this information helps you make a determination in the best location to start-up as the industry is growing heavily!


Thank you for the good information. Knowing what prices are doing is pretty much my last step before proceeding with more decisions. Indoor seems to be a good option but the almighty power bill combined with market saturation could throw that out. I’m really torn between doing greenhouse or indoor.


I pay 1000-1200 per lb