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Oudoor guerilla organic grow ph of water

I been growing guerilla style for about 15 year by guerilla growing I mean I grow in the earth not in pots rippers can see the pots easy I just get my water out of a pond never ph it would yall think I would benefit from ph my water if yes what to use would ph up and down for hydroponics do a good job with out killing the small benefical insect in the soil

I’d think that if you were getting your water from a healthy fresh water source then pH shouldn’t be a problem. If there’s plant life and healthy aquatic life in the pond then I would bet it’s a stable pH environment. I used to do the same but watered from a stream in a swamp and never had any pH problems.

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I also started growing not checking ph. And when i did it was damn near perfect and onlt 228 ppms. And the nutes im running i only hit a ppm of 528. Some im good. But when im doing hydro its going to be only purified R/O water just because the reclaimed water i use also has other nutrients and biological matter like bugs and shit. And that i could see it maybe causing somesort of issue in the reaivoir and buckets.

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